International Internships with Purpose.

Join a team of social entrepreneurs committed to creating social impact and achieving determined sustainable development goals across the globe – all while you’re still at uni!

Hands-on. In Country.

Real Social Impact.

Hands-On Experience.

“Surrounding yourself with like-minded, budding entrepreneurs driving social change motivates you to want to get involved and see what you’re capable of doing both on your own and with others.”


Ned Loneragan

B Commerce, B Science | USYD

“Working in country is hands-on and can push you to your limit, but only then can you stretch your comfort zone and grow. “

Caity Touzell

B Development Studies | UON

“Life changing. Honestly it is amazing to see how much a small group of people can achieve in four weeks. What’s absolutely ridiculous is the amount you grow, both personally and professionally, and the support network that the leaders provide allows trekkers to really feel at home as they work on project.”

Josh Blaymires

B Commerce | MACQ

“Through training with PEV (trekker training as well as leadership) and developing business solutions in country – it opened my eyes to whole new range of skills and knowledge I didn’t even know I wanted/needed.”

Bec Pink

B Engineering | UOW

“Being able to make real, long-term social impacts, while being in an environment of support, trust, hustle and every buzzword you can think of, is phenomenal.”

Patrick Edwards

B Mechanical Engineering, B Finance | UOA

Travel with Purpose

Create social impact while you explore the world? Yes please!
As part of a Project Everest Internship, you’ll be immersed into a developing culture working towards enabling tailored solutions for the local community. Join a project for 4,8, or 12 weeks, ranging from agriculture and food security, through to health and environmental sustainability, that is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and be part of our mission to enable 1 billion people worldwide!

Create a Sustainable Impact

As a social enterprise, rather than a charity or NFP, we use the sustainable and scalable benefits of business to tackle huge systemic issues around the world. From economic empowerment to food security; renewable energy to access to medical diagnosis, you’ll be part of creating a solution that creates measurable impact and delivers ongoing value even after you’ve returned home

Build Friendships that will last a Lifetime

Sick of dealing with that terrible group member in every uni project? Well don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with any of those teammates in country! You’ll be living and working alongside other driven, passionate, uni students that want to create a positive impact, so the relationships you build extend well beyond your time overseas. In the words of one of our alumni: “It’s a concentrated place of dead set legends.” We couldn’t agree more.

…oh and you could be eligible for funding!

We know sometimes funds can feel stretched when it comes to that first pre-lecture coffee, let alone a month overseas, and thankfully many universities recognise that too. PE Ventures is partnered with tertiary institutions across Australia and Singapore to offer students the best possible integration of our project with their degree. You could be eligible for course credit, OS-HELP Loans, travel grants or NCP Funding valued at up to $3000 at some universities! Find out what options could be available to you

So what are you waiting for?

See what hundreds of students are describing as ‘the experience of a lifetime’, learn leadership skills with a team of socially-minded individuals, and experience global social impact in an experience unlike any other.